If you have ever come across below situation? You are on an important call while your iPhone battery is going to die... :-(

We are creating Emergency Charging Cable for your daily life and keep your deviced charged when it's in desperate need.

And the detailed specs are as below.
Materials: Nylon braided cable, ABS power shell & silicone cable connector
Battery: Li-on, 700mAh(min)
Length: 1m
LED power indicator: Orange color
Input: 5V/1A max (power bank mode); 5V/3.4A max (data cable mode)
Output: 5V/1A (power bank mode); 5V/2.4A max (data cable mode)
Protection: overcharge, over discharge, short circuit & over-temperature
MFi certified
How does it work?
Data cable mode enjoys higher priority than power bank mode. When USB & Lightning connector are both plugged, the product will work as a data cable to charge your device, to sync data and also charge the power bank itself. If only USB or Lightning connector is plugged, the product will work as a power bank to charge itself or charge your device. When the power bank is under charging, the LED indicator will flash orange and when it's fully charged, it will be orange and no flash. The charging process has no effect on data sync.
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